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Eminent and vastly experienced professionals in the IT industry manage Copier Plus. We want to position ourselves as a complete IT Solution Organization. We assure you our foremost attention.

Sale & Service

Our major alliances for Managed Support Services include Canon as Sales partner and Konica Minolta for Service Complete Automated Managed Services. Through our Services Division, we provide managed service support to MOno and Color Photo Copier, Printers and Scanners. The Managed Support Services Team caters to customer needs of all Managed services, irrespective of whether these products/solutions or supplied/deployed by us or any other systems integrator/re-seller.

Online & Telephone Help

All our Products and Solutions are efficiently and thoroughly backed up by our Managed support Services Teams. They not only takes care of allWarranty calls, but also, engages itself very actively in Annual Maintenance Contract Services (AMC) and other related services quite comprehensively. Employing a fleet of Trained and Certified on-field Service Engineers, this division is On the Move at all times and has an excellent reputation of keeping up with the resolution of day-today challenges faced by Customers.

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